18 Dec 2020
Driving techniques and safety courses
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Driving techniques and safety courses

Last September, at the Ambumed Mediterranean Ambulances facilities, a course on Safety and Improvement of driving in Medical Transport was held.

Both courses were attended by Health Transport Technicians and workers from Ambulance companies assigned to scheduled transfer tasks (Transportation services for non-urgent patients from their home to the hospital to receive scheduled or periodic assistance, for example: consultations, rehabilitation, radiotherapy, etc.). The objective of these two courses was to adapt the knowledge acquired in driving and road safety, to practice safe driving techniques and procedures . This activity can hardly be performed in daily driving and therefore it is essential to perform it periodically in controlled environments to increase the driver's ability to analyze and discriminate against potentially extreme situations for them and their vehicles.

"In the course we are in charge of adapting the knowledge acquired in driving and road safety, practicing safe driving techniques and procedures"

This is how the course went

The courses had two phases, a first phase of theoretical class and another practical one . In the first, the necessary theoretical knowledge was developed as a basis to carry out the practices with the didactic material available for the occasion. The staging of the knowledge was done in a participatory way in those contents that allowed it, and in a masterful way in those specific knowledge to be developed by the teacher.

In the practical phase , the Sanitary Transport Technicians attended a closed driving circuit where they carried out exercises following the instructions of the teachers. The corresponding tutor corrects the students "in situ" and the exercises were repeated until the student acquired maneuvering skills.

The courses were highly rated by all participants who agreed on the usefulness of this training to offer users effective emergency service in any situation .